Meet the Author: Swara Shukla

Meet Tall Tales & Short Stories Volume One Author: Swara Shukla

What was the inspiration for ‘Red’?  “Red”, my story that features in this anthology, is my response to the dehumanisation in the world of surrogacy in India. I first glimpsed this in the 2012 BBC documentary Womb for Rent (something I would urge everyone reading this to watch!). I later found the topic in fiction; … Read more ›

Meet the Author: Joel R Hunt

Meet Tall Tales & Short Stories Volume One Author: Joel R Hunt

You have two pieces included in Tall Tales & Short Stories Volume One: ‘Eyes for Gold’ and ‘A Cowbot Comes to Town’ — what was your inspiration for those pieces? I follow the mantra that if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. Since the call for Tall Tales & Short Stories was so open-ended, I went … Read more ›

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